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  Although It might seem there's nothing you  can do about global warming locally. You think  the problem is just too big.

  As you know, we all contribute to the process  of global warming. All of us have a "carbon  footprint" the carbon dioxide emissions that  we help create when we drive, fly or use  electricity.

  The first step you can take to fight global  warming is to reduce your carbon footprint  through conservation. Drive less. Turn down  the thermostat. and Buy locally produced  goods.

How Big Is Your Footprint!

50,000 pounds per year!

This is how much CO2 the average Single Family of 3 home is personably responsible for each year from there electricity, heating, car, & air travel usage, including the energy used to produce our consumable products that you use for your daily goods & services. This is  about 140 pounds, every day for every home, A single person home would of course be more on average per person.

For only $150.00 you can go CO2Free™ and offset Your 50,000 pounds of CO2 and help support our carbon reducing projects such as renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation.  Select your offset option below or use our carbon calculator.

What you get!

  • A pair of annual CO2Free™ Luggage Tags for each person offset.
  • A annual  CO2Free™ Yard sign to place in front of your home.
  • Our annual CO2FreeBumper stickers for each person offset.
  • The prestige's annual  CO2Free™ Carbon reduction certificate suitable for framing in your home.
  • & Our Thank you letter emailed to you.

You Get Choice!

  • 1 - Renewable energy
  • 2 - Energy efficiency
  • 3 - Reforestation
  • 4 - Basket of all 3

If you do not have a paypal account you can create one by clicking here, although you do not need a paypal account to purchase from us, it is a fast & free service, if you are not interested in signing up for or are uncomfortable with buying on the internet you can call us at (000-000-000) or email us: support@umcacork.org with you interested purchase and we can send you out a paper or email invoice where you can send us a check, thank you.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Single Person and Families up to 6
Choose Offset Basket(s)
Choose Offset Types

More than Six ?

If you have more than Six Family members you can add additional offsets to your cart with the purchase of a Single Person or from the other selections.

Give the Gift of Living
Give the gift of offsets for that special someone for their special day or holiday.