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  Although It might seem there's nothing you  can do about global warming locally. You think  the problem is just too big.

  As you know, we all contribute to the process  of global warming. All of us have a "carbon  footprint" the carbon dioxide emissions that  we help create when we drive, fly or use  electricity.

  The first step you can take to fight global  warming is to reduce your carbon footprint  through conservation. Drive less. Turn down  the thermostat. and Buy locally produced  goods.

About Our Company & Why You Should Use Us!

In order to ensure long term CO2 reduction!

For the life of our planting sites we only plant on land we own or where we have (life span) contractual agreements with the landowners. This is very important and sets us apart from companies involved in CO2 reduction with no long term control over their projects.

What we do!

fight global warmingWe will never be involved in, indiscriminate or inappropriate reforestation.

Our plantings are a mix of woodland for wildlife, public access and commercial varieties for timber. When planted on any land we own, after one year all of our tree's are relocated to state forest, national forest, local parks & recreation area's, state gov. agencies in need of tree's for street & road side planting, as well as offer our tree's to state residents in the market for tree's to plant on there private property, a portion will go to privately owned forestry companies in the market for new tree's to plant for future harvesting (60+ years).  

After the planting of our trees we regularly weed to avoid competition of our tree's, and dying or weak tree's are removed and replanted to give a strong uniform stand.

Once our tree's have been relocated to there final growth destination, visiting any area's you help to establish is encouraged. Map references and directions are available on request once relocation has occurred.

We select carbon reduction projects that meet the most rigorous protocols. Conduct verification procedures. Fully disclose our projects on our web site and include a Product Content Label. Submit annual audits confirming that consumer purchases are matched by an equivalent amount of carbon reductions. Guarantee matching carbon reductions occur with in the year customers buy them.

Your Welcome Pack" (consisting of a laminated display CO2Freecertificate, a letter setting out our commitment to you to plant the required number of tree's or offsets you have purchased for offsetting you CO2 ,  an information sheet giving details of "what the money you have spent will go for" and a few CO2Free bumper sticker for your vehicle's.

Why we do it!

global warmingWe are completely vigilant about our CO2 reduction business and are very glad to offer everyone interested in CO2 reduction a 15 day cool off period from your date of purchase. If for any reason you decide that this isn't something you would like to further pursue, simply contact us prior to the end of the 15 day period, will have you send back all the items in your welcome pack and once we have received it, complete and in tact, we will provide you with a full, no questions asked refund.