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  Although It might seem there's nothing you  can do about global warming locally. You think  the problem is just too big.

  As you know, we all contribute to the process  of global warming. All of us have a "carbon  footprint" the carbon dioxide emissions that  we help create when we drive, fly or use  electricity.

  The first step you can take to fight global  warming is to reduce your carbon footprint  through conservation. Drive less. Turn down  the thermostat. and Buy locally produced  goods.

How Reforestation Carbon Offsetting Works!

Reducing your carbon

All Trees absorb CO2 during photosynthesis.

A portion of this CO2 is stored in timber, some lost during leaf shed, decay and respiration.

CO2 is stored at the root as biomass, which is captured in the soil.

Forests capture & store CO2 during their life cycle, After maturity the total amount of CO2 taken in and released equalizes.

Once mature (75 or more years) it's important the timber is harvested & used and the tree's are replanted to start another life cycle. 

Over the life cycle of one acre of tree's planted at a density of 3500 trees per acre, would reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by the equivalent of 3500 tons of CO2 .

Our annual planting density is 3500 trees per acre giving a net average GHG reduction per tree planted of 1 ton.

How it happens

Tree planting is seasonal. The planting season is Nov. to Feb. Planting out of season when soils are at less than optimum will produce poorly established stands.

Our tree's planted are pre planned to provide maximum usable timber & to act as a long term CO2 reduction sinks. We make every effort to maximize the wildlife habitat usage and minimize the visual impacts of our efforts.

The planting season being Nov. to Feb., your CO2Free™ trees may at certain times of the year not be planted for several months. "WE PROMISE YOU" that your trees will be planted in the next upcoming planting season. Once your tree's are planted you will receive your CO2Free™ certificate declaring the trees you have paid for and that the CO2 footprint they will erase are in effect. Details of where your trees are planted will follow shortly after planting has occurred.

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